Timber Flooring – One of wise thing to do is to give your home a new floor.

Many factors to consider when choosing to floor for your home like many materials, styles, colours and polishes to choose from that it can be a very difficult task. Nowadays timber floor installations in Melbourne are becoming very popular, more and more people are enjoying the warmth and elegance of strong timber floors. When it comes time to choose the company and type of timber floor you are going to install, Then Total floor service is the best place to complete your flooring with satisfaction. We can restore the lost sparkle of your floor with floor sanding in Melbourne services. Our organization is well-known for providing commercial floor polishing in Melbourne and its benefits. 


Is timber flooring a reliable decision?


The most beneficial thing about a wooden floor is that it gives your home a natural appearance. It will make the room look warm and sheltered. You don’t need to add any other floor accessories like pillows and carpets as the floor itself is an attraction.


The unique pattern of the timber floor makes it more interesting. They also come in a variety of shades and design making it easy to find floors that will match your interior. Effective timber flooring can help increase the value of your home. That’s why you can call it an endowment.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Advantages of installing timber flooring in your home,


  1. Excellent durability, strong, long-lasting and good appearance also easy to install.
  2. Installation and Maintenance of this flooring is easy with some precautions.
  3. With timber flooring gives your feet a good feeling in any climate.
  4. It has a large number of designs according to colour and texture.
  5. One can rely on wood flooring as it is environmentally friendly.
  6. It is one of the popular and most reliable ways to make your home stylish and modernised in appearance, as it has many benefits along with it.
  7. It suits your requirements as well as the budget of the people which also makes this type of flooring more suitable and attractive.
  8. If you experience from allergies like asthma, then the wooden floor is best as it does not trap dirt or pollen in other allergens and is a safe addition to the bedroom and living area.
  9. Hygiene is essential because wood does not allow the growth of bacteria and can be easier to clean.
  10. One of the biggest advantages is you can recycle and reuse a timber floor.


Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne lasts even longer than other types of floors. Although timber flooring seems expensive, it has many advantages and you will not regret installing it on your property.




Considering all the advantages, it won’t be a bad decision to install a timber floor. At, Total Floor Services offers Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne services with 100% satisfaction so, you can have peace of mind. To know more, please feel free to reach us out. What are you waiting for? Call us today!