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Noteworthy health benefits of wooden Flooring you must know

Isn’t it great if you can have multiple health benefits with the flooring? Every flooring has its own benefits and characteristics. We think a lot about health and safety in food and cleanliness then why not think about health benefits when choosing suitable flooring for the house. According to environmental research, timber wood flooring provides many health benefits such as improving the air quality and many more. It has been widely used in wide range of residential and commercial projects in building homes, offices, and much more.  Hardwood floors require time to time sanding and polishing to preserve their glory and shine, always appoint the right Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne Company for the right guidance.

Timber wood is the best organic source that not only offers eco-friendly benefits but also offers various health benefits when used for flooring purposes in the home. If you are planning for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, take proper consultation from the experienced company for better flooring ideas.

Health benefits of wooden flooring:

  • Timber wood is a naturally derived product.

Timber wood is a natural product so, it is almost safe for floorings in houses with pets and small kids. timber wood is safe because it doesn’t involve any chemical procedure that leaves toxic residue and it does not need polymers, sealers, or any solvents for the flooring activity. In wooden flooring, there is no chemical emission and hence it is safe for both the environment and health both.

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  • Timber wood doesn’t allow to trap germs and allergen.

Dust and germs are more likely to accumulate on the fibre and other materials but in the case of hardwood flooring, it prevents dust and dirt accumulation on the wooden surface and helps in preventing allergies. Though weekly dusting, sweeping, and mopping can preserve wooden flooring for a longer time and prevent germs and allergen to sit on the surface.

  • Promotes better air quality.

Because of its organic nature, tree wood is proven for providing better air quality. Timber wood doesn’t trap dust, allergens, and pollens hence making the surface clean by providing good ventilation.

  • Polished wooden floors keep mosquitos and insects away.

It’s important to polish and sand the wooden flooring from time to time to maintain its shine and good condition. The chemical used in wood polishing is beneficial in preventing mosquitos and insects away from the home so, it maintains a clean and healthy environment. There are many wooden polishers available on the market that are proven for stopping mould and allergen growth on the wooden surface. Avoid choosing the wood that is prone to growing mould and breeds, Always consult the best Floor Sanding in Melbourne company to get floor sanded effectively with the total dust removal.

Bottom line:

Solid timber wood has always been the best choice suitable for residential and industrial floorings because of its low VOC installation and finishing it is considered to be safest and less toxic among all the flooring options because it is purely made up of wood. Call total floor service for the second to none flooring services with committed on-time delivery.