Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Important things you should know about floor sanding and polishing

Everything has a validity period, in the same way, flooring and the house also starts looking dull and dirty as the years pass. Nothing looks untidy than the damaged and scratched timber. Whether it’s a house or workplace, it needs to be renovated again after some years to get the shine back.  It’s always recommended to consult floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne to get better advice related to renovation

How long do floor sanding and polishing take?

Commercial floor sanding services in Melbourne usually take 1 to 5 days from start to finish for a professional and 15 days if done by DIY tricks. However, it may take longer to dry floor sanding depending upon the weather. Normally it takes 1 day for covering a room when done by professionals.

Types of floor sanding and polishing:

  • Hardwood floor sanding and polishing.
  • Parquet floor sanding
  • Victorian floor sanding
  • Floorboard sanding and polishing and many more

What kind of floor can be polished?

Mostly all floors can be polished depending upon the requirements even concrete floors can be polished. Vinyl floor polishing is the easiest and faster to polish, it enhances the floor shine with a liquid polish. On the other hand, marble and limestone floors can be leathered with high gloss without any chemicals used to give perfect finishing.

Wooden Floor Installation Services Melbourne

Benefits of floor sanding and polishing:

  • Reduction of germs and allergens in homes

Polishing is beneficial to reduce germs and allergens because of its strong smell and antibacterial formula, insects and flies stay away from floor.

  • Allows customization to try out a new look

The second reason for trying sanding and polishing is that it gives you a chance to try new looks and designs. It’s normal that everyone gets bored of the same view and same taste so if you are a design enthusiast then you must try unique styles for polishing and sanding to add a unique touch.

  • Enhances home overall appearance

It’s completely doubtful that polishing and sanding enhance the entire look of the house leaving it sparkling and attractive so investing in professional floor sanding and polishing is totally worth it  as it gives home a new shine and reliability.

  • Adds extra life and durability to the floor.

Sanding and polishing remove all dust and impurities and leaves the house clean and sparkling. It adds durability and makes the floor long lasting. Polished floors are easy to clean using sweeps and mops and you are good to go.


It’s always a good choice to have wooden floors with stunning patterns and perform sanding and polishing when you find wood turning grey or black or your floor is having lots of scratches. If you are planning to get wooden floors installed, consult the best wooden floor installation services Melbourne for the standard flooring service.