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How to Choose The Right Fit Timber Floor For Your Home? Read This!

Designing a new house or just renovating, whether you live in a formal house or live in a farmhouse, timber floor installations in Melbourne have the potential to enhance the beauty of your home. We at Total Floor Service are reliable and trustworthy service providers who specialize in delivering beautiful and quality solutions as well as Floor Sanding in Melbourne, equipped with high-tech technology and machinery to ensure high-quality services.

Improving the overall structure of the Commercial Floor Polishing in Melbourne service also has become a whole idea, but it makes a significant addition to any structure. Follow these 7 tips, and you’ll on your way to make the best decision ever:

Types of wood:

Many species of timber choose based on your preferences, such as solid timber floor, engineered floor, laminate floating floor, and more which is great because it is incredibly strong and durable, lasting many years. However, timber is natural and offers benefits as a more affordable and can also be sealed to provide extra protection against those elements.

Consider Sustainability:

Does your home need a high durability solution? Will the timber floor be in the kitchen or the living room suitable? Questions you need to ask yourself before choosing such as where you want to install flooring in the living or kitchen, consider timber floor installation in Melbourne solution provided by our experienced experts. This will save you money and improve the life of your flooring.

Consider mobility and acoustics:

Incorporating a floor into your building can completely change the room’s dynamics, making the room feel cool. Often most homeowners overlooked when choosing a timber floor, so don’t forget to choose a floor that will suit your home’s desired sound and layout.

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Consider colour schemes and styling:

Many people make the mistake of choosing a floor based on what they like about the design and coating color, however, forgetting it will fit into your home. It may look obvious, but make time to decide which colors or styles will fit your home.

Consider maintenance in your decision: 

One problem with timber flooring is that if you get any major itching, it will have to be turned back and maintained to prevent spread, chemicals, and stains, but when it is not sealed, it will catch every stain and pit.

Consider your budget:

Finally, choose a timber floor that will suit your budget requirements will always be style, type, and design to suit your home and your bank balance.

Prepare your home:

After all things, you need to prepare your home, which will be necessary to remove fragile items. Also, it would be best if you planned who will remove appliances and make sure all electrical systems, faucets, or gas appliances are disconnected before the project begins.


Wood-like flooring is a new hot trend and if you want an environmentally friendly alternative, try timber flooring to save—we at Total Floor Service providing high-quality timber floor installation Melbourne service with insightful tips and resources. Contact us to talk more about future projects!