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How Often Should You Have Your Floor Sanded?

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a house is its condition. If you find out that it needs work, you will have to decide whether or not you want to do it yourself. If you’re considering hiring Floor Sanding Geelong wide to do the job, many factors can play. One of those factors is how often you should have your floor sanded.

Why Should I Have My Floor Sanded?

Having your floor sanded often is an efficient way to remove the dust accumulated after walking around. Shovelling is not efficient because it creates more dust. It’s best to have your floor sanded before a big event, such as a wedding or a party.

When Should You Hire a Contractor?

Floor sanding is a frequent task that homeowners need to do regularly. But when should you hire a contractor? Some factors might influence whether or not it makes sense to hire a contractor. A homeowner may decide it’s cheaper and more convenient to take care of the job themselves and use the money they save for other needs. For example, if the floor needs to be sanded before moving furniture in, it might make sense for the homeowner to do so before arranging for movers. However, if there are cracks in the floor, tiles need to be replaced, or the whole room has been re-tiled with new wood floors, hiring someone else makes more sense.

How Often Should You Have Your Floor Sanded?

A floor that is constantly getting sanded can be ruined and covered with dust. However, a floor needs to be sanded so it doesn’t get scratched and damaged by shoes.

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It’s better to use a machine that can grind off the top layer of the floor rather than using a brush. This will save time and labour costs and leave behind vinyl pieces that can become stuck in the crevices of the carpet or other flooring material.

What is the Importance of Wood Floor Sanding?

Getting Floor Sanding Geelong is one of the most important things you can do to take care of them. It prevents worn pieces from rubbing against the floorboards, wear and tear, and dirt and grime build-up. Sanding your floor also helps make it look more like it did when it was new. However, if you don’t want to spend the time sanding your wood floors yourself or if you’re too busy for that sort of thing, there’s still a way to take care of them! 

Some of its major benefits are listed below:

– Improves the look and feel of the floor.

-Prevents damage to hardwood floors from daily wear and tear.

-Reduces friction between wood boards and makes for easier floor cleaning.

-Saves money by reducing the potential for repair or replacement costs in the future.  

-It is to repair your existing floor line and helps in preserving your flooring.

-Floor Polishing Geelong wide is a good investment to protect your floor from scratches and wear with long-lasting durability.

-It is also a great thing to have because it saves you money on labour by reducing the need for regular maintenance.


The best way to find out how often you should have your floor sanded is by doing a test. You can paint two squares of different colours and see which one lasts longer.