How Could You Restore Discoloured Grout? Read a Full Guide

With the passing years, every bathroom suffers from tile and grout issues. No matter how much clean you prefer it to remain for a longer period or how effective products you use for cleaning, professional Tile Cleaning in Melbourne or anywhere in the world is a must matter.  

Total Floor Service has been serving people for the superior tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne for the last many years.

And, now we have decided to spread awareness among people about how tile and grout cleaning can help them stay a healthy life.

Nothing remains the same for the longer period that we all know. Leaves shed, livings die, irons rusted, woods get rotten, and everything just changes with time. In the same way, our bathroom tiles and grouts also start getting stained by the time.

You may find yellow or black colours on the tiles and grouts. What are they? What do they indicate?

They simply tell you that they require professional cleanliness to get back into a good form.

By ignoring such demand, you may lose the overall charm of the area. Instead of renovating the whole place, it would be better to let the professionals work on it and bring back the sign.

Tile Cleaning in Melbourne

Professionals usually have effective detergents and tools to deal with stubborn stains, so that they can help you see the real MAGIC.

Grout Cleaning

A professional tile and grout cleaning company will help you with a thorough cleaning and help you by cleaning dirt and debris if they find them anywhere around the area. You may find it literally amazing as professionals can collect and wipe away the surface where they find dirt and debris. Even if you are not able to completely clean the tile and grout, then professionals can help you with the expected cleaning results.

Handle re-grouting

Many times, professional grouting isn’t an effective solution for handling discoloured grout. There can be chances that grouts have broken down or got damaged after many years of usage, or the grime needs to remove as soon as possible. If professional grout cleaning doesn’t work, experts prefer to remove the older grout and then replace it with the newer one.

The whole process that takes place to make your floor look stunning, is considered re-grouting. It will give a completely new look to the place, so the place where you apply re-grouting will look complete newer.

Such newer looking grout will prevent moisture stored in the cracks which will keep your tile and grout away from mould and mildew. It’s even possible to re-grout the surface using the same colour to give it a fresh look.

Grout staining

If grout makes your floor look good, but cleaning becomes hard on the grim, then what you can do. The right way to deal with such a situation is grout staining. Professionals apply a colour layer on the top of the grout to cover up everything that lies under the floor layer. Then, a stroke of paint offer outstanding results, but you need to make sure to apply the same properly. Never try doing it on your own as it could result in peeling off the surface by the time.    


Select the best Tile Cleaning in Melbourne Company that can help you with thorough tile and grout cleaning so that you never get embarrassed by your bathroom area.