A detailed guide on the importance of timber flooring in home

Have you ever thought about the installation of timber flooring? If not, then Total Floor Service is here to help you. Flooring is something that you don’t change very often just like you can change the other home décor. Once you decide, it is final, but choosing the one itself is the tough decision and the experts at total floor service will help you. Our team offers services for timber floor installation in Melbourne and nearby areas. 

However, the demand for timber flooring has increased eventually as it is one of the practical choices to choose that. 

In this blog, we will mention some tips that will help you choose the right experts for the flooring-

  • Choose the one that matches the colours of your house-

There are many different colours in timber flooring. Yes, you heard it right. There is an astonishing number of colours, designs and so much more in the single type of flooring. Always be sure about the designs and colour you are going to choose for your floor. This is important as this step will change the look of your house totally. Just select the right company for timber floor installation in Melbourne.

  • Practical choice-

Not everyone can afford the expensive floors for their house. Timber floor is very reasonable, and you will get the perfect look for the home. It gives a classic look for your house, and that look is possible for every person now.

  • It is eternal-

Whether it is a big modern house or the old one timber floors never goes out of the style. You know why? The reason is the designs that are available in it as well the quality of the one. Timber flooring is the one that lasts a more extended time then you can even think, and it will increase the value of your house. Isn’t it just like the cherry on the cake?

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne


  • It will not drill a hole in your pocket-

We know trusting on something you have never done before might be difficult for you. But we bet you that you will never regret when you choose the timber flooring over any other flooring types. Just choose the exquisite designs that will complement the interior of your house.

  • The green choice is the best-

Have you ever wondered how your flooring is linked with the environment? Let me tell you something, it’s not the technology that has changed around us, but so many things are changed, and floors are included in that. Most of the floors are made with different chemicals which is not the right choice for the house. But timber flooring is reliable, and one can trust on timber flooring as it is environmentally friendly.



At Total Floor Service, we offer services for timber floor sanding in Melbourne as well as we offer commercial floor polishing in Melbourne and all you need to do is choose the right company for these services. To know more, please visit our website or feel free to reach us out. What are you waiting for? Call us today!