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5 Myths Uncovered About Wooden Floor Installation Services

A great way to add value to your home is to install a wooden floor. In today’s housing market there are a few things that make the difference between selling your property and lingering in the market for months. The major benefit of acquiring these types of floors is that they provide people with easy-installable options and last monumental duration. Total Floor Service is one of the reliable and trusted companies providing wooden floor installation services Melbourne.


Many still homeowners believe, as a result of these myths, get turned off from installing the beautiful flooring in their homes. Let’s learn some myths about wood floors.


 1. Wooden floors are very hard to care for. 

Nonsense! If you can take care of your floor, with regular maintenance for a floor is fairly easy. You need to sweep; vacuum or dust mop the floor to remove grit and dirt from the floorboards. Steam mops and wet mops should not be used on wood floors as excess water and steam can lose their lustre over time and can also damage hardwood in the process. When there is a deepening, the floor should be wiped with a slightly damp or dry cloth.


2. Wooden cannot withstand wear and tear from pets and children.

Wooden floors have the right characteristics for any lifestyle. Different species and types of hardwood have different degrees of hardness and durability. Finishing is another contributor to overall durability. Regardless of your choice of flooring, it will show signs of wear during the period. However, only the wooden floor can be repaired to return to the original look. You can hire floor sanding and polishing experts in Melbourne who are well trained and have the right tools to work on a wooden floor.

wooden floor installation services Melbourne


3. Wooden floors should not be installed in the kitchen. 

The reality is: Wooden floors are often the best choice for the kitchen and can help bring an air of elegance and comfort to the most popular room in your home. When the right woods are selected and installed and done properly, can withstand lifelong traffic and kitchen conditions. Also, it is a perfect complement to any design plan, cabinet shape, colour and layout choice.


4. Wooden flooring is very expensive 

These type of flooring may initially cost more than other types of flooring, but it is one of the most cost-effective options available. If installed and properly maintained, flooring can last for more than a hundred years. It can suit any decor change or design style, which other floorings usually cannot cope with. 


5. Wooden floors are all the same 

Wooden is a very flexible flooring material and it is quite different from each other in terms of durability and aesthetics. Many wood species come in a variety of styles and finishes, so they are not all the same.


Final Words,


If you are considering acquiring wood flooring, you will obviously come up with the right decision. Therefore, since wooden floor installation services Melbourne are provided by Total Floor Services. We put our best efforts and your time towards its installation process, the floor will definitely last a lifetime.