Steps to Perform for Effective Flood restoration in Melbourne

Winters and flood damage in Melbourne have a strong relationship with each other. One has to be extra precautions during winters to prevent sudden flood damage in the house.

If you don’t have several flood damage professionals in your quick dials, you might be taking a great risk as the flooded house is a live hazard that can be dangerous not only for you but for your neighbours as well.  

To help you tackle this situation, we have listed the following tips that you can implement to prevent flood damage in winters.

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Safeguard your Foundation

Snowfall can happen at any time in winter. When the ice and snow start melting, it can find its way easily inside your home through cracks or holes. Apart from that, when snow or ice freezes inside the cracks or holes, it weakens the foundation of your property as it widens them and makes them bigger than before. That’s why it’s important to remove the snow so that it doesn’t seep into your property. Shovel the ice and snow so that the interior flooding doesn’t damage your home as it starts melting. So don’t let the snow to settle-down on your home.  

Make your roof snow-free

Your roof is the most important part of your home. Snow can get heavy on the roof and starts damaging the roof structure after continuous snowfall. This snow when it starts to melt, enters inside your home through the roof and leads to roof leakage. That’s why it is suggested by the experts of flood damage restoration in Melbourne to do not let the snow to pile up more than two feet.

Don’t let the ice dams to create

Ice damn can be problematic for many homeowners during winters. If your home lacks the insulation, the indoor air will reach the snow and start creating a dam. The problem starts when the snow starts to melt and the dam starts dripping. This is the direct invitation of water inside your home. Therefore, whenever you notice a dam formation inside or around your home, remove it quickly. 

Clean your Gutter

The biggest thing to do during winters to avoid water damage is to clean the gutter. Your gutter will not work properly if the tree leaves and twigs start entering inside it. This will clog the gutter and all you will leave with an overflowing gutter, allowing water to go back inside your home. That’s why you should frequently clean your gutter especially during winters where snow can adjust even inside the tiniest space and cause a problem as it melts. 

Seal the Leaks

It’s a smart move to seal the leak before the professionals arrive at your place. Many crack sealing products are available out there that can hold the leakage for a few hours or days. If your area is blocked because of heavy snow and storming, it’s crucial to keep crack sealing products at home and block them before your flood management professionals arrive. 

So along with the long-term flood damage services in Melbourne, follow the above steps to keep your home safe and sound.