This Month Special; Mattresses

Get two mattresses steam cleaned for only $99 incl GST. *Conditions Apply. Minimum Charge $79.00, one single and one queen size mattresses, Heavily Soiled or stained fabrics may incur extra charge, Standard room size 4m x 3m, lounge suite up to  5 seats, Seat equals to seating position, Tiles area of more than 50 m2, smaller […]

Carpet Cleaning: Using Ammonia to Clean Your Carpet

Ammonia, which has a chemical symbol of NH3, is a substance which is popularly used as a cleaning agent. It is used in commercially as well as in many households across the country. It is useful for cleaning toilets, bathtubs, the kitchen and other areas of the house. One area where people don’t really think […]

Should I clean with Ammonia?

At some point of the cleaning experience many house owners stumble upon the cleaning power of the ammonia. Considered by many as a good cleaning solution for most of the tasks around home, this a chemical that I usually avoid by any means necessary. Most of the cleaning professional strongly recommend no use of ammonia, […]