Blind and Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne, VIC

At Total Floor Service, we offer the most efficient and affordable blind and curtain cleaning services. To get them looking new and fresh again, our team of specialists:

  • Thoroughly clean all types of curtains and blinds with steam cleaning
  • Use environmentally-friendly products
  • Always use an inconspicuous test patch on your curtains to eliminate the risk of damage

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Our 4- stage cleaning process

  • Stage 1: Vacuum the curtains to remove all dry dirt especially from the top edges
  • Stage 2: Pre-spray the curtains with the right shampoo
  • Stage 3: Steam clean the curtains using a powerful extraction steam machine
  • Stage 4: Deodorise the curtains with a pleasant smelling deodoriser

All Total Cleaning Service staff are insured and we guarantee your satisfaction. For Melbourne’s leading curtain and blind cleaning services, get in touch with us online or call us on 03 8510 1553 today!